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About Road Trip Pokie

There is no way you will make a list of popular video slot builders and wouldn’t mention Saucify provider. Saucify is a reputable video slot builder in the gaming industry. If you’re familiar with the Road Trip slot, you will notice that the graphics used by Saucify in creating the game was basically inspired by open roads. The Road trip slot was established in 2002, this slot is very interesting and that explains why most online casinos have it as one of their games.

The slot comprises Reels and Paylines just as every other type of slot should have. Unlike any other slot, the Road Trip slot is made up of just five reels and nine paylines. Saucify is known to follow this same reels/payline pattern for most of their free pokie games. How about the Road Trip slot theme? This slot basically involves traveling on a highway that connects two states together (Chicago and California) via the popular Route 66. The distance to be covered is about two and a half thousand miles. The Road Trip free pokies is an avenue for slot lovers to have the best driving experience they’ve ever had and also win big. Just a trial, and you will definitely fall in love with this slot.

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How To Play Free Online Road Trip Pokies?

The Road Trip slot isn’t in any way difficult to play. One cannot fully understand how this game is played if you don’t get familiar with some features in the game. Below are some features in the game and what they represent.

Reels and Paylines
Reels are found in slot machines. They dislike structures that have symbols inscribed on them. You get to win a slot game if your symbol matches the one inscribed on them. Paylines, on the other hand, just as the name implies, are payout indicators. They get to decide how much you get to win in a slot games. They are calibrated with payout amounts, and wherever your combination pointer lands on the payline is how much you will go home with.

Slot Host
A slot host is always present in every Road Trip slot game. The host handles the machine, any issue that might come up during the course of the game, and also explains unclear instructions.

Reel Stop
Every checkpoint on a reel is called a reel stop.

Wild Symbol Slots
This is one of the major features of the Road trip slot. The wild symbol is most times called the expanding wild. This symbol is represented by Red/Orange Dodge which can be found only in specific reel numbers (reel numbers 2 and 4). When an expanding wild appears on a reel, it tends to take up the whole reel giving the player additional wins. The symbol is very profitable especially when it lands on the second and fourth reel.

Road Sign Scatter
When this sign appears, the whole reel gets filled up, and the player gets to win more cash.

There are several illustrations one can find on a reel machine. These illustrations are called symbols. Some of the symbols you can find on a reel machine include; money bags, cherries, and lots more.

Other features you can find in a Road trip slot game include: Zig-zag, WAP, Two liner, Slot drops, and lots more.

Now that we’ve discussed some features, let’s take a walk through Road trip slot game-play- Just as discussed earlier, the Road trip slot comprises five reels. These reels start to spin continuously immediately when the player hits the start button. You’re only allowed to initiate spins only when you’ve placed stakes. The amount of money you will need to stake will be determined by your winning lines and symbols. The symbols move over the winning lines in a left-right direction, and the movement must always start from the left furthest reel.

You win when you hit three symbols in a row. However, you could also win with two, but this is only when the “Truck symbol” is involved. Obtaining five trucks in a single row is the best thing that could happen to a player in a Road trip slot game because the truck is the most paying symbol in this game. The next top money-makers in this game are the petrol attendant and the waitress. Refreshments like soft drinks are regarded as normal symbols. Other normal symbols that you could also find in this game include; Burger, pancakes, donut coffee, beer, cocktail, and ice cream.

The Road Trip slot also has a “scatter being” feature that is represented by the popular Route 66 logo. This logo is an icon in the game. Multiplying the scatter wins by the total amount of cash you wagered gives you your total payout. In this game, two scatters are worth twice your stake, but this might not be the case if you find more than 4 of them on the reels.

This game can also be accessed on all mobile devices, iPad, iPhone, Android, and lots more. This mobile permission is one of the things that makes this game common in Australia. The simplicity is superb! Road Trip slot reviews and general features are also available on some US casino websites. New players can access these sites and know more about the game before playing.

Free Spins And Bonuses On Road Trip Slot Game

In this game, a scatter triggers free spins. A player can get up to 20 free spins, and when betting using free spins, you get paid double the normal payout. Free spins in slot machine also don’t expire, but rather, they are reactivated. Some sites are also available where players can play free online Road Trip slot games. However, deposits need to be made to qualify for these bonuses. It’s simply “no deposit, no bonuses”

The minimum deposit a player can make on a road trip slot game is $20.

Winning A Road Trip Slot Game

Winning is the sole aim of every bettor. To win a Road Trip slot game, you must land symbols on Paylines when moving the left-right direction on reels. Landing symbols must be consecutive, and you must land at least three in a row. The truck symbol makes this a lot easier as it’s worth two rounds that is, instead of three in a row, you can also win with two in a row.

Aim for the Truck symbols if you want to win big. It’s the highest paying symbol in a Road Trip slot game. This symbol is worth 7500x if landed five times in a row. This means your total payout will be 7500 multiplied by your total stake.

Next to the Truck symbol in terms of worth are the petrol attendant (driver), the waitress, and the gas worker. The driver which has the highest worth of all three symbols, gives a 500x for a 5 in a row win, the waitress which is the next in line, gives a 350x also for a 5 in a row win, and lastly, the gas worker which has the least worth gives a 275x for a 5 in a row win.


The Road Trip slot game by saucify is a unique and very interesting slot game. The “expanding wild” feature is exactly what makes it stand out. The graphics and animation are very nice! This gives players a good feeling about the game. The Paylines are also perfect, they are not too much, and this technically means players will get more spins to earn more Real money. Although the Road Trip slot game by saucify might not be the best slot game in the world, it’s definitely a game you would want to play more than once!

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