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Big Bad Wolf Pokie Review

Big Bad Wolf is a thrilling online video slot brought to you by Quickspin at online casinos. If you’re seeking a fairy tale online slot that comes with a farm-like theme, hills, and high-end graphics, then look no further than the Big Bad Wolf. Launched in 2012, the slot Big Bad Wolf is still very much a well-played game today because of its amazing bonus features.

Quickspin founded in 2011 is a renowned video game developer based out of Stockholm, Sweden. This game software is a subsidiary of Playtech, which means they have an extra pair of eyes helping them produce detailed games with stunning graphics.

What makes this provider quite famous is that they supply video slots to both the social gaming market and online real money gambling. And with a myriad of bonuses ranging from free spins to cashback, loyalty points, and other goodies, there’s no reason not to want to play big bad wolf game.

The Big Bad Wolf slot is a 5 reel video slot with paylines 25. The free spins feature can reward you with up to 20 free spins and the Pig can turn wild for more massive winning. When you combine the thrills of the amazing soundtracks, bonus features, and ease of winning, rejecting the urge to play free pokies no longer becomes an option.






Basic Features of Big Bad Wolf Pokie

As we’d have it, the Big Bad Wolf slot machine is a popular slot game with numerous features.


Overall, the story of this video slot is about three little pigs and the big wolf battling, hence the name of this slot was coined out. The familiar theme of the game with stunning graphics, attractive symbols, and captivating soundtracks takes this video slot to a whole new level.

This video slot features symbols like the Wild Piggies, scary big wolf, honeycomb wild, knitted stuffed dull, and popular playing alphabet and numbers like A, J, K, Q, and 10.

Big Bad Wolf Bonuses

The symbols are themed and give you higher rewards when they’re aligned in the winning combination.

Free Spins & Scatter Symbol

Bonuses are not lacking in this video slot as Quickspin is known for its numerous bonuses. The pig wild, wolf scatter, and blowing down the house features are bonuses you want to look out for when playing the Big Bad Wolf slot game.

Particularly, the wolf scatters, when you successfully trigger three or more scatter wolves, it will activate the free spin mode. However, it might take a while to get these free spins, but they are definitely worth the patience.

Moon Symbol

Another important feature of the Big Bad Wolf slot machine game to take note of for more wins is the moon symbol. This symbol is crucial for blowing down the house, and they only appear during the free spin mode.

To trigger blowing down the house, you need to land at least three moon symbols. This feature will cause the wolf to blow down the straw house causing everybody to move to a brick house. Players will then get awarded two free spins.

Wild Symbol

Quickspin also designed the Big Bad Wolf free slot with a wild feature. Take note of the honeycomb symbol when playing this video slot as it turns wild. When the reels play, the honeycomb can substitute for all other symbols.

Even high-valued symbols like the little pigs can also become wild symbols. Another way to benefit from the wild feature is by landing two successive winnings this will cause the 1st pig to turn wild. And after four successive winnings, the 2nd pig will turn wild. The 3rd pigs will turn wild after six successive winnings.


There are up to 25 paylines in this video game. Quickspin designed this slot for gamers to play Big Bad Wolf casino slot machine to enjoy the thrills of this slot and also win real money at the same time.

The card symbols ranging from 10 down to the ACE don’t pay that much, but they appear very often throughout the game. As for other symbols, they pay more and feature delightful animations. For example, the famous pig, and Wolf are high-paying symbols.

Highest Payout

Quickspin designed the Big Bad Wolf slot online as one of the highest payout video slots. With an RTP of up to 97.34%, in the long run, you earn more than you spend on this slot. There’s also the multiplier feature that increases your potential wins by a great deal.

For example, when you land 3 moon symbols in two consecutive successions, the second time will reward you with 2 more free spins and a 2x multiplier. However, the multiplier is only available in the Blowing Down the House.

  • Slot Provider: Quickspin
  • Slot Type: Video Slot
  • Number of Lines: 3
  • Number of Reels: 5
  • Minimum Bet: 0.01 coins
  • Maximum Bet: 125 coins
  • RTP: 97.34%
  • Wild Symbol: Yes
  • Scatter Symbol: Yes
  • Autoplay: Yes
  • Bonus Rounds: Yes
  • Free Spins: Yes
  • Multiplayer Mode: Yes
  • Jackpot: No
  • Mobile Version: Yes

How to Play Big Bad Wolf?

To play free online slots Big Bad Wolf at online casino is fairly straightforward. When you log in to the online casinos of your choice and choose this video slot, it will load and ask you to enable sound or not. We recommend you enable it for the best experience on this slot.

Thereafter on the next page, you can click continue to proceed to the slot game itself. The interface of the game is fairly easy to understand. Most of the controls are in the bottom left corner. There you can find a button to adjust the settings like sound or use the spacebar to spin.

Above the setting button is a button to view the paytable and other settings in the game. After clicking this button you can scroll sideways to view other info about playing this game the value of each symbol and the paylines amongst others.

When you get your head wrapped up around that, you can proceed to the homepage. At the bottom of your screen on the homepage, you can view your balance, bet lines, total bet, and wins. At the bottom right corner is the spin button. Besides the spin button is the auto spin button and a fast forward button. Now that you understand where to find everything, simply place a bet amount, spin the reels and watch the reel fall and new reels come up.


In summary, the Big Bad Wolf online pokie machine is a mix of classic slots and a well-known story in a beautiful and fun video slot. This slot comes with everything you can imagine if you love to have an adventure in a farm-like setting. And the best part is that you can win real money. With loads of bonuses, free spins, and the ability to increase your winnings, there surely no dull times in this game.