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Slot Information

About House of Fun Slot Machine

Every Slot Game requires a different approach, but acquiring a proper understanding of these games is one of the concerns of the slot players.

Although slots games are exciting, they can also be hard to understand; If you do not know what to do. In this review, you will be guided on how to play slots games and derive unforgettable fun.


This review concentrates on the House of Fun slots. You might have played different games, but this particular one has proven to be one of the most popular Slots games online.

However, this game also offers the benefit of playing a free game and allows users to learn the game with the advantage of experiencing the pleasure of the game.


House of Fun is a slot game from Betsoft. The provider is known for interesting and exciting games with inspiration from Scooby doo.


The theme of the game is a representation of horror and deception for users. Surprisingly, the game does not have a new concept but is yet one of the best you would ever play.

It is a unique video game that offers outstanding features that makes it superior to the usual slot. The soundtrack and the majority of the features are peculiar to the game.

Number of Reels and Paylines

This game also offers 5 reels, 30 pay lines, a users’ bonus, and appropriate online casinos. There is a demo version for users, where there is an opportunity to play free online house of fun slots with the privilege to understand: how the Slots game operates, stake, become a winner and also experience the fun and excitement of the game.

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How to Play the Game?

Simplicity and easy accessibilities are the characteristics of this game as it is user friendly and one of the best games online.


Unlike other games, the House of fun slot offers a high RTP with a 95% rate and rows that keep you sustained and focused in completing the task of the game.

To play this game, users must try to manipulate the traditional method of the 3-column slot to enable higher scoring metrics.

Options for Playing the Game

There are different options for playing this game.

These options include: selecting diverse lines that possess the right patterns and staking bets in these lines.

Winning a game is not difficult, it is important for every player to understand how to activate the features of the game and use them to their benefit.

To activate these features, it is good that you select paid slot machines features. However, payment is via real money. All of these features are made available by Betsoft.

Spins are determinant of your game result, and the cheapest way to activate spins is to make a deposit.

House of fun Free Spins & Game Features

Features are to make the game thrilling and exciting but if there is no adequate guide as to how these features operate, then be sure of not deriving the available satisfaction.

The features of this game are numerous, interesting, and engaging for every user.

Main Pokie Features

They include:

  • The game has a jack free spins when the number three or more appear when staking a game.
  • There is also a click bonus called mad, which gifts a random number of coins every time you click on any three symbols.
  • Supporting cast features.
  • There is a multiplier bonus.
  • It does not offer a gambling feature for its users.

Min and Max Bet

The game bet ranges from 1-5, with a maximum win of 4500 coins. The advantage of maximizing this range is that it facilitates a high stake and profitable withdrawal.


The symbols of this game include fish eater, mad hatter, gravedigger, big baby, candles, mirror, statue, etc. also, these symbols are useful in improving the number of coins in any of the pay lines.

How to Win the Game?

Playing house of fun guarantees real money payment and how to cash out this money is a very important factor that every player must learn and understand.

House of Fun Free Play

You can learn the game and play house of fun free casino games. It means that you could play free House of Fun game and you will not risk your money.

The advantage of this game is the possibility of playing with no deposit. There are Free Play Slots on the sites that are suitable for learning.

House of Fun Real Money Game

Unlike the demo version, you must be careful and observant of the winning strategies of the game and how to effectively maximize each of these strategies.

While making real money, players can either increase their budget by making more profit or lose everything when they become greedy.

Ensure that you stake games that have huge profits and lasting effects on your ability to withdraw real money. Immediately you notice a loss in the game; it is advisable to stop the game to prevent loss.

You Need to Know

Every instruction needed to win the game is provided on the site, ensure you pay adequate attention and be wise in making your decisions as they have a prominent effect on the outcome of your game.

If you do not understand the use of a feature or you are confused about what to do, then the demo version is a sure bet for you. It provides needed assistance and a guide to help you play the game and emerge a big winner.

Payout Range

Wild Symbol Payouts

Remember, the wild symbols are essential in your stakes and winnings, ensure you understand how a Symbol can assist your winning.

For instance, the evil cat has a payout range of 5x stakes, while others do not have a listed payout range. However, the fish eater and big baby have a high payout range of about 10x stake.

Understanding how to use the wild symbols assists your winning combinations. A winning combination multiplies the coins used in playing games.

Other Winning Combinations

When you do not have the best win combination, you also do not achieve a good multiplier.

Aliens slot functions with random numbers; players must be smart in selecting high range numbers that can improve their opportunity to win on the House of Fun slot machine.

You could also maximize the privilege of the aus online pokies; it allows users to be better.

Fun House game is not restricted to Australia, as it is a game that can be played in different countries of the world and by anyone interested in online slots games.

House of Fun Free Coins

How Do You Get Free Coins on House of Fun?

You can earn fun free coins house by collecting them every hour from the game lobby or through notifications, emails and gifts using fun free coins links sent to your friends. To top it off we let our players know about new ways for more rewards. So follow the official House of Fun Facebook & Instagram page!

Collect free House of Fun coins and enjoy fun slot machines!

Tips to Win

The house of fun slot is a good game. It is not restricted to a particular gender or race but is not suitable for users that are below 18yrs.

To get better with this game, you can engage the following tips:

  • Be committed to playing and learning.
  • Always consider your budget before playing a particular game.
  • Do not be greedy or concentrate on the big wins.
  • Maximize the free games and keep learning.
  • Collect House in-game coins.

House of fun Mobile

The House of Fun app is the perfect way to take all your favourite casino games with you wherever! Download it on any mobile device (mobile phone). It will be more convenient for you to collect your free coins in the mobile application. You can play them on iOs and Android devices.


The invention of the house of fun slots led to the massive improvement of online slots games.

Often, players usually derive little enjoyment from games, but House of Fun slots offer something else that is fun-filled and thrilling.

Also, House of Fun free pokies has numerous bonus offers for players, coupled with some RTP. One of the crucial factors is that you understand how the game ought to play and the desired effect on players.

There is a dire need for concentration and understanding how the game ought to play to result in a desirable win.

Enjoy playing House of Fun

What is fulfilling and satisfying is what you deserve.

Therefore, go for it because you will always enjoy every minute of the game.

Collect house of fun coins! By the way, many sites offer great daily bonuses that can help you to receive nice rewards in the game! Gather all your luck and play slot machines House of Fun!

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