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Zeus the Thunderer II Pokie Review

Zeus the Thunderer II is Zeus’s second instalment in MrSlotty’s Zeus slot series. Zeus was first introduced by MrSlotty back in March, 2014 as Zeus the Thunderer and had five reels with three rows per reel. Zeus the Thunderer II free slots have now been upgraded with a fourth reel and added graphical abilities such as images of Zeus himself on top of tall columns and lightning bolts for big wins.

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The thunder god, Zeus is the inspiration for this game. He’s also known as Jupiter in Roman mythology and is pictured with his hat pulled over one eye to keep it hidden from enemies while he attacks them on their own turf!

Play free slot machines or go real money when you want something more than just luck at your disposal–you can bet that if anyone knows how best defend themselves it’ll be him (and who wouldn’t like taking down enemy forces?).

Just like most other Zeus games, this one centers around Greek mythology with Zeus at the forefront but also has many extra features to keep things interesting during play. This includes wild symbols that are stacked up to 3 symbols high across all 5 reels.

Bonus Features and Free Spins


The game features Roman-themed symbols. The Zeus Wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol except the lightning bolt which is scattered throughout all 20 pay lines and awards 10 free spins upon landing five during gameplay – but beware as it also acts similarly to an expansion symbol like those found in slot machines!

Land three Thunderer IIs (the second version comes with its own multiplier) to upgrade them into stronger forms that will earn you even more money multipliers while playing.

Betting Options of Thunderer ii slot

This game doesn’t come with any bonus rounds, but if you manage to win 500 consecutive Zeus bolts you do get 10 free games added onto your current bonus game round. The only other thing that sets Zeus the Thunderer II free casino games apart from Zeus the Thunderer is its betting options.

Zeus the Thunderer II allows players to wager up to 100 coins per line for a maximum bet of 750 coins per spin.

Playing at different online casinos use deposit bonuses, bonus spins, and bonus funds to increase your chance of winning!

How to Play Zeus the Thunderer II Online Slots?

The Thunderer II is a Zeus video slots with 243 ways to win, a wild symbol, and a gamble feature. Zeus features as one of the symbols in Zeus the Thunderer II and he appears on reels 2, 3, and 4. Zeus thunders down to earth whenever you get a winning combination and this increases Zeus’ anger meter by 10%.

Zeus will also take off some of his clothes when you spin the reels, terminating any existing wins in that round. However, if Zeus’ temper meter gets too full then he’ll become angry enough to deliver an epic shower of Zeus-thunder! If you want to activate Zeus’s rage for free spins or money bonuses, just click on his statue at the bottom.

The online casino video pokies have a total of 25 paylines and up to 100 coins which can be bet on each so it’s up to you how many lines or coins are best for your game. You’ll need some strategy though since there is a risk with every wager in case somebody wins big!

Luckily I’ve got this easy-to gamble calculator made just for people like us who love taking risks but have no clue what numbers will give them their desired amount back without too much hassle.

The balance between these two values depends entirely upon player preference – all dependant ultimately should be determined by ones play style.

Another small thing to consider is Zeus’ Spins Meter (see image below), which acts as a bonus round. The more Zeus is angry, the better the chances are for you to win big… but if Zeus becomes too happy then beware! You’ll lose your feature game and Zeus becomes even angrier than before!

Click the Zeus figure on the bottom right-hand side of your screen to play Zeus’s anger meter.

Every time he takes off an article of clothing, Zeus’ anger meter decreases by 10%. He’ll remove some clothing every time you spin the reels. When Zeus becomes happy again, you can activate his rage with another click of his figure on the bottom.

Final Thoughts about Thunderer II Slot

Zeus the Thunderer II is a video slot from MrSlotty, with stunning graphics that will keep you entertained for hours. This game has just enough features to satisfy gamers but not so many complicated rules or modes can get in your way of playing it!

It may be popular among fantasy and mythology fans alike – making this perfect for both beginners as well experienced players looking to indulge themselves without getting too caught up on details.

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