The Art of Games Slots

The Art of Games, a Dutch software provider with over 10 years of experience in the iGaming industry has everything you need to know about Slotmats and how they work. From special features like those found on some slot machines all the way down to where these slots can be played.

37 The Art of Games slots can be found in our list, and they are all available to play without the need for registration with third-party software. As you scroll past this page’s list of slot games, more groups based on different features will appear as well as information about where these online casinos may be accessed or what bonus incentives might exist if someone were interested enough to visit them first!

Popular Slots by The Art of Games Software

The company behind the name, Art of Games was established in 2006. They are currently headquartered in Eindhoven and produce games that range from classic slots to video poker (including fantasy-, photo- or deluxe slots). With this diverse collection, they have satisfied gamers all over Europe!

With a portfolio that includes both retro and modern slots, there’s always something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to play on an old-school 3 reel machine or try your luck with one of their 5-reel machines packed full of special features – take some time out from work today and enjoy gambling.

All The Art of Games software is served-based which adds a layer of stability and security due to detailed analytics. These slots are also available on mobile devices, where they can run just as smoothly as their desktop counterparts!

The Art of Games slot machines is a notch above the rest when it comes to graphics and creativity. You’ll find anything from animal-themed slots all the way through the ocean, food, and desert-themed games with stellar visuals that won’t disappoint your senses!

Main The Art of Games Bonus Features

A great way to spend some time at The Art of Games is by playing slots. With video, there are special features such as free spins and multipliers that you can enjoy! Read below for more information about their selection of classic 3-reel or modern 5 reel slot machines available on site.

The Art of Games is proud to offer a variety of customizable options for their table games. They have lavished the detail on this, from customizing all aspects down to what type and colour are used in order to make your experience as enjoyable as possible!

Free Spins Bonus Round

This is a bonus spin that a player can activate in many ways. It is totally free and will not affect the player’s account. Many video slots offer free spins as part of the gameplay. The Art of Games slots is no exception. Lucky 8 Ball is one example of such slots. Sahara Gold, Ninja Spirit, and Ninja Spirit are others.

Wild Symbol

Wild symbols are a common feature in many The Art of Games slot machines. These symbols can replace almost all other symbols on the reels to give you a winning payline. Wilds can be found in The Art of Games slots such as Bugs World and Fish Bowl.

Scatters Symbol

Scatter symbols usually have a unique design that is related to the slot’s theme. Scatters are usually high-paying symbols that help trigger bonus rounds like free spins. The Art of Games has two slots that have scatters: Jungle Jewels and Royal Joker.

Multipliers Features

Multipliers are a great way to make your slot playing experience more rewarding. These symbols can increase your chances of winning by a significant amount. This feature is also available in some slots from The Art of Games, including Gambling Bling, Hard Cash, and Awesome 5.


The team at The Art of Games is passionate about developing the best games possible. These young and energetic professionals have studied how other artists work, to give players an unparalleled gaming experience with their software creations!

The company has thrown itself into this role with gusto, releasing and refining its games. It’s a firm favourite among players who are often happy to provide feedback on what they should do next or just sit back in bliss as you take care of everything else for them!

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