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Pro Wager Systems are still going strong after all these years. They were founded in 1998, which makes them an OG among iGaming companies! Many other sites have come and gone over this period – or diversified so much they transformed into something beyond recognition.

Pro Wager Systems is a company that specializes in providing casino software to other operators. They offer both web-based games as well mobile options for players all over the world.

All About Pro Wager Systems Slots & Games

There are also some games you can play for free. Many things are changing, as you can see. This is also due to technological changes. It is reasonable to expect PWS, a software developer, to also change. This gaming company uses technology to increase its productivity.

Flash Based Games

This gaming developer used to focus on Flash-based games in the past. Things are changing. Most of the company’s games today are in the HTML5 primary version. What does this mean? To play games, you can use your desktop. Yes, your mobile phone can be used to play games. Surprisingly, after nearly 20 years on the market, only a few employees remain. Only ten people work for the company. The company has the policy to employ only ten people, but they are productive.

Pro Wager Systems Slots

Pro Wager Systems casino games don’t just include blackjack or poker; the company is equally skilled at slots and Baccarat. The HTML5 slots from the Canadian company include versions with 9, 15, and 25 pay lines. Operators can easily create their own games using the gaming symbols from a directory. The results can be quite impressive when custom graphics are combined with PWS’s slick animations or sound effects.

HTML5 Blackjack

Traditional table games are bread and butter to Pro Wager Systems. The company has been continuously improving its poker and blackjack software over the years and now offers several versions of these popular casino games.

PWS has developed multiplayer blackjack using HTML5, which allows 5 players to play against one dealer. This is similar to a real casino. The software supports tournament play and can be customized with graphics. It is mobile-optimized. PWS has developed two versions of the game: one for desktop browsers, and one for mobile.

Multiplayer Poker

Pro Wager Systems’ multiplayer software for poker is available as both HTML5 and a downloadable version. Pro Wager Systems’ take on the most popular card game in the world includes animated avatars and selectable backgrounds that give the game personality and character.  There are also single- and multi-table tournaments. The poker lobby at PWS is customizable for the convenience of operators. This allows casinos to put their stamp on the game right from the moment it loads.

You can’t make the whole thing look boring if you’re animating it. PWS has pushed the boundaries with its avatar poker tables. It allows players to play poker in any setting, including a bar, a park, shack, loft, or ballroom. You can even customize the table graphics. Pro Wager Systems is fond of avatar-based poker tables. However, there’s also a photo mode that allows players to upload an image for more realism.

Better bingo

PWS works with HTML5 again to make bingo software accessible on all devices. The developers have taken great care to ensure that graphics and sound match the gameplay and features.

There are two types of bingo available: 75 Ball and 90 Ball. Both games conform to UK regulations. PWS is currently working on versions of 80 and 30 balls. There are three modes available to players: auto-daub/auto-claim or manual-dab. Each card indicates the remaining calls until bingo can be claimed. You can also buy, zoom in and scroll to up to 100 cards.

PWS’ 75 Ball Bingo has hundreds of pre-designed patterns that players can use. Meanwhile, advanced algorithms provide game and financial reports to the operator as well as player data. Casinos can set when they want ‘live’ games started and can offer bonuses. In-game advertising is also possible, which can help casinos increase their revenues. PWS gives their clients complete control over the design, audio, and voice. You can also easily release new themes to celebrate holidays or other seasonal events.

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