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With its warm waters and lucrative gaming market, it’s no surprise that companies want to set up shop in Malta. PlayPearls is one such firm looking for success through developing software that will be used by casinos across the world – though they have their own specialties too!

About Playpearls

PlayPearls is a young and talented team that focuses on software design, gaming, and casino entertainment. The firm has built a large portfolio of work that demonstrates their creativity and quality in the very short time they have been around.

They are most well-known for their in-house gaming, but they also develop live casino games and offer white-label options.

PlayPearls is headquartered in Valletta and has offices that overlook the marina. Their products have been able to penetrate online casinos around the world, even beyond the island of the central Mediterranean.

This Malta-registered company was founded in 2012. They have been a pioneer in social gaming solutions and partnerships. InBet also partnered with them to improve their live casino offering. They offer a complete white label solution to casino operators.

PlayPearls’ stable technology allows you to stream live casino games from any brick-and-mortar casino. This includes Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack. PlayPearls is the perfect choice for any operator who values innovation and quality.

Gameplay & Bonus features

Surprisingly, the majority of these slots have the same layout when it comes down to the regular reels. There are five reels with three symbols and 15 to 30 pay lines. Although it would be beneficial to make some changes in this regard, it is not necessary. These games have higher RTP than 96% industry-standard.

Bonus spins are the main feature of almost all games. This feature is often supplemented by up to three additional features. These are usually mini-games that have their own multipliers, wins, or bonuses.

You may not have known about the storyboards and animations that are used to build these games. These include audio effects and animations that may be used during gameplay.

The Most Popular PlayPearls Slots

PlayPearls is hard to find a bad game, and it’s even more difficult to choose the best pearls. But these are the slots you should try from this developer:

Freya Arrow North is the slot for you if you are looking for a game that has premium graphics, immersive gameplay, and an innovative design. Each reel position is unique and spins independently. There’s also a humorous voiceover and the Golem- and Dice-bonuses capture the amazing atmosphere of this slot.

Iron Sky is a branded slot with a striking visual design and bonus offers such as T-Rex Runner or the IExCommunicate. This slot boasts an RTP of 97.05%, all-action gameplay, and stunning animations.

Bloody Mary’s Booty is a stunning pirate slot. It features beautiful hand-drawn images as well as a Treasure Hunt bonus that can lead to big wins if you find the highest rewards.

Colt PI, an action slot that offers up to 30 free spins, is a refreshing change of pace. You can take part in a car chase, or search the Crime Scene to find clues and win instant prizes. You can play for real and collect up to three puzzles. This is a must-spin due to its comic-book visuals and sharp soundtrack.

Our Verdict

In a world where most companies are looking for one thing, it’s easy to stand out. PlayPearls has done just that with their innovative approach and White Label solutions which will help them continue being successful in this rapidly evolving industry playground!

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