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JMP Interactive Ltd (JPMi), which was established in 2005, is a developer and publisher of online gambling content. This is a division JPMi International Ltd.

Although their product isn’t yet widely available, players can still sample JPMi games online at sites such as Bet365 and Sky, Betfred or Littlewoods, Ladbrokes, and Bet365.

They create games for online use, as well as games for Interactive Digital Television and Private Gaming and Entertainment Networks (Hospedia) in UK hospitals and Server-based Gaming Machines (such a gaming terminal in pubs).

They are known for creating innovative games that appeal to players and provide them with an enjoyable gaming experience. They have a solid reputation in the gaming industry, and have a loyal fan base that is satisfied with their games over the years.

Their mission is to make gaming enjoyable, simple, and intuitive. They are one of the top three providers of online quiz games (mixed with dexterity and trivia) and they are well-known in Europe as the leading developer of Skill and Prize games.

The Most Popular Jpmi Slots & Games

Specialty Games: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Hang Man, Reversal of Fortune, World Cup Quiz, News Time.

Online players can find the main JPMi games: A Pot of Gold and Turbo Gold, Big X and 5ive Liner.

Online JPMi Fruit Machines like A Pot of Gold and Turbo Gold are classic games in every sense of that word. These machines include unique special features like Nudge, Hold, and Turbo Gamble. The popular Repeat Chance feature rewards players with the jackpot two to three times instead of one. However, the repeat chance does not guarantee a win every single time.

These slots only have three reels and one winning pay line. They also have bonus feature trails that can be climbed in order to win a prize-winning bonus round, where the highest jackpot prize is won. These special features offer additional bonuses and obstacles along the way such as Double Trail and Respin, Arrow Runner and Boost, Choose a Trail, and Random Stop and Add Again.

You can progress through these bonus features by hitting spin to reveal a number. This will allow you to advance as many spaces as possible. You can also use the Hi-Lo option to advance through these bonus features. This Hi-Lo option is useful when visible numbers are 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, 12, or 10.

Some of the land-based JPM fruity had cheated. There are four cheats available on the Big X online fruit machine. These cheats can be used at specific times during play and are very similar to the ones that were available on certain JPM fruit machines.

Their slots are bright and colourful with sharp graphics. Most of their games are very entertaining, and some games will instantly bring back memories of older land-based fruity.

This innovative software company is worth watching over the next few years to see what new exciting games they add.

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