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Air Dice is a developer and publisher of real money games. They are located in the northernmost reaches of Scandinavia. Air Dice, a Finnish software company, has a unique design that makes it easy to recognize their work.

The logo for Air Dice is a deconstructed dice that speaks to their style. Its minimalist and creative approach can be seen in every element of the company, from its’ design!

About Air Dice Company

Air Dice is a small team of nine people who work together to complete projects on time and according to client specifications. Finnish software company Air Dice is led by Sami Makinen, with the support of CFO Peter Granfelt, and Teemu Teras as Creative Director.

Air Dice develops their own games as well as arcade titles. They also provide turnkey solutions to clients that give them all the tools and support they need to launch an online casino.

Air Dice’s rest of the team consists of five developers and one graphic artist. The offices of the company are located in Helsinki, Finland’s capital.

Air Dice also create custom games according to client briefs, while adding their own ideas as needed. Air Dice are able to use their collective skills to create marketing and advertising campaigns to help their clients and their products reach the masses.

Air Dice Bingo Software

Although bingo might not be the most popular game, it has seen a rise in popularity over the past five years due to its easy learning curve and large social aspect.

Air Dice has developed BingoBooster software to allow live bingo play. It allows bingo balls to be drawn from a bingo hall, and broadcast online.

Online ticket purchases are possible and you can watch the draw unfold in real-time. The software successfully blends the virtual and live elements of the game. A GUI displays the numbers that are being selected on the screen, while audio is streamed from the bingo hall.

Air Dice Mobile Games

Air Dice has developed mobile apps for live bingo and online roulette platforms. They also offer freemium mobile games to clients. These games can be used on both Android and iOS, and are just as reliable and robust as the company’s mobile casinos software.

Air Dice can help you choose a platform and a business model. They will create a game that is perfect for your task, whether it’s making money, increasing brand recognition, or attracting new customers.


Air Dice is not the largest software company, but size doesn’t matter as much, as the Finnish company has shown. Air Dice have adapted to working as a small team. This allows them to be flexible and adapt quickly to new trends and technologies.

Their first success was with the BingoBooster software that they created for NetPlayTV Group Ltd. But, they have since proved to have many more strings in their bow.

Although live gaming, such as bingo and roulette, remains a stronghold of the industry, Air Dice has successfully expanded into new avenues like mobile games and Facebook apps.

It’s unlikely that the Finnish company will expand its operations in the near future. They prefer to stay close-knit and continue to offer more casino games to the Scandinavian markets.

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