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2 By 2 Gaming is a company that offers both online and land-based slot games. It was founded by Shridhar Joshi, who serves as CEO and Darryl Hughes heads up development for this gaming enterprise with his role including head of the production too!

When it comes to game development, this team has 125 years of experience. That should give them a leg up on some other developers!

About 2 By 2 Gaming Company

2 By 2 Gaming claims that it has patents for over 65 of its games and another 35 are pending. It has created a variety of games, which include popular themes. The high-quality graphics it uses will entertain and captivate players and make it a successful company in the industry.

2 By 2 Gaming has been a leading online and land-based casino company in North America and Europe.


2 By 2 Gaming’s diverse team of software have years’ worth of experience in developing casino games using both 2D and 3D graphics, along with animations that are well thought out. The sound effects these professionals create provide players with an exciting journey as they explore new worlds!


The games designed by 2 By 2 Gaming wouldn’t be enough to make the business as successful, but it does have excellent partnerships with major casino customers. These include creating custom games or converting to current ones so they can work online and through mobile devices.

2 By 2 Gaming Online Pokies

The 2 By 2 Gaming team has a wide range of players in mind with their games. They do this by using different themes, styles, and volatility levels to accommodate all types from experienced gamers who prefer betting high stakes on risky slots as well as beginners looking for fun mini bets around the house or near the coffee table during your break!

Many of the themes are based on historical and geographic factors. Riches of the Sea is one of the most popular titles. Secrets of the Tomb, an Ancient Egyptian-based game, is also available. Players can also enjoy an oriental adventure with Mandarin Fortune and a trip across Africa with Legends of Africa.

You can play games with more bespoke characters like Pinocchio’s Fortune, which is based on the classic folk tale and uses some excellent graphics. You’ll also enjoy Greener Pasteur – it has a Mad Scientist as its main character who likes to use germs in his experiments!

2 By 2 Gaming has done a fantastic job by sticking to the middle and creating games that are not too complicated in nature but also don’t get boring. They offer lots of bonus features, such as free spins or stacked wilds which will help you win!

Play 2 By 2 Gaming Slot Machines at Online Casinos

2 By 2 Gaming is a software firm that occupies the middle ground in the world of slot machines. It’s not too adventurous, but it’s not too simple-minded when designing and playing the game.

There is a decent selection of games in the company’s portfolio. They are all fairly standard in their themes and well-stocked with bonus elements like stacked wilds and free spins with bonus options.

It would be great to see some games that take a chance and offer something new. To complete the package, 2By2Gaming could also use simple 3-reel slot machines.

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