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As part of this Roulette Master test, you can play a free demo version of the variant here. There is no alternative to a fair game experience to better appreciate things like sound or picture quality, as well as gameplay and functionality. Now play a few risk free rounds and get familiar with the game to play Roulette Master for real money. You can also try some of the best roulette systems without any risk.

Since I still need to explain the rules of the Roulette Master to you in my review, the first rounds of testing might be a bit confusing for some of you. But even if you belong to the category of gamers who prefer to keep the game down to the essentials, this version will suit you. If you are mainly interested in playing, then read more about winning strategies, what a suitable roulette casino bonus should look like, and what conditions are important in the best online casino roulette guide.

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Explanation of Rules and Betting Models

The first thing you see when you start Roulette Master is the wheel itself, lazily and slowly spinning in constant motion at the top of the screen. It never stops spinning or speeds up when you play a round. Below are the outside bets. If you move your mouse over the respective betting options, you will be shown on the table which numbers you are hitting, how much you can win and what are the minimum and maximum bets. To the left above zero there are two icons with which you can open the hippodrome.

For those of you who are familiar with the rules of European roulette, you have nothing to fear when you click on the race track that smoothly opens up and appears under the wheel. The numbers are displayed there as they are in the cauldron, not from 0 to 36 as they are on a regular table. This feature gives you the option to limit your splits to red or black splits. You can also place Orphelins, Tiers or Viosin with one click. This allows you to bet on a selection of numbers that are next to each other on the wheel. Thus, roulette strategies can be easily followed. On the right side of the screen, there are other handy buttons that provide statistical information about the numbers already drawn.

Play Roulette Master for Real Money

Now that you are familiar with the rules, I advise you to play a few rounds in our free demo before you start playing Roulette Master for real money. This option is very popular and suitable for both advanced and beginners. That’s why you’ll also find them in many online casino test winners. The best provider for me for this option, as well as one of the best online casinos in general, can be found below. In my opinion, the game is highly recommended, it is a lot of fun and offers many useful features for fans of roulette strategies.

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