Roo Casino The Matchmaker – 25% Bonus Up To $100 For $30

You still have time to take advantage of this amazing promotion! The 25% bonus is only valid for a limited period, so you’ll want it before these bonuses are gone.

The Roo Casino Matchmaker bonus runs every day and requires an initial deposit of just 30 dollars – what’s more convenient than that?

When undergoing a withdrawal procedure the player is not eligible for getting any promotions or bonuses. The players are allowed to deposit funds during a procedure to withdraw, however, they are not able to take advantage of any promotion or bonus. The player is free to end withdrawing at any time in time, in order to be eligible for any bonus or promotion. If you have claimed a bonus or promotion in the course of a withdrawal procedure the casino has the right to terminate any bonus or promotion and any winnings that are associated with these.