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Quintris Online Slots Review

The spinning wheels of fortune have you hooked and Quintris by Simbat is the perfect online similar games of the fruit slot machines. With free bonus rounds as exciting as they come, and addicting graphics, and with real money betting opportunities for those who dare to take a risk – will it be worth your time? Read on so we can tell all about this slot machine that has gambling addicts everywhere drooling in anticipation!

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Main Features of Quintris Pokie

The game is played across one central payline and only takes one credit per spin. There’s no Hold or Gamble but you won’t be short on extra features like the special diamond shapes – known as Quintris- which give players a chance to score an additional payout!

The joy of winning never goes away. This time, you will be awarded not only with cash but also an array of beautiful diamonds! The game is easy to play- all players need are three or more matching gems that appear on their reels during the roundβ€”and they win. If your matrix fills up completely thanks to lucky streaks then it’s over for everyone except those who rack up consecutive Wins in a row… because these bonuses empty out any remaining spaces left inside this mathematical equation together at once before beginning again from scratch (so make sure not miss!).

Betting Options

If you want to play for bigger prizes, then the top game might be more suited. Each spin will cost 5 or 10 credits and on a total of 15 paylines; if betted at 1 credit per line (with no diamond matrix activated), players can still enjoy spinning their reels without any expensive features!

Once you up to your bet to 10 credits, the diamond matrix will once again come into play. Every time a new reel begins to spin and empty slots appear on either side of it in anticipation for more digits soon enough – all loaded onto this special spinner’s equivalent of horse racing odds tables where each symbol initiates an event with varying outcomes depending on what color they land upon or if there are three or more matching ones present at any given moment – then unlocked Quintris Game.

Free Spins

The Quintris game will give you a series of free spins and all the diamonds on your reel after each go move onto the matrix. If 3, 4 or 5 matching colors show up in any given round – congratulations! You’ve won that color’s prize (in this case). The matched-up jewels get taken out for good though so keep playing until there are no more spaces left to put them down again if you’re still looking for prizes πŸ˜‰

How to Play Quintris Slots at Online Casinos?

Quintris slot by Simbat, and it’s available on many casinos.

Play the Quintris game in either real-money mode or demo version.

Demo Mode: If you want to try out the Quintris slot for free, click on ‘Play’ and select the Practice Mode. The game will start automatically and you’ll be given $5 000 virtual money to bet with.

Real Money Mode: Play for real money, just choose your preferred currency (Euros, US Dollars, or GBP), then follow instructions on screen. You should register an casino account first. When that’s done, load Quintris again and follow instructions to make your deposit. Finally, press ‘Spin’ if you’re ready to.


Quintris slot is a 5-reels, 9-pay line video slot featuring coin sizes that range from 0.01 to 1.00. The game has two jackpots: the Major Jackpot and the Mini Jackpot. When you play Quintris game online, you can win both progressive jackpots, but if you want to play for real money instead, check our list of reputable casinos offering Quintris games.

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