Pirate Slots

The pirate-themed slots machines were already a great hit before the rise of online gambling. If you don’t think so, ask yourself what were One-Armed Bandit games all about? In essence, they’re grounded on an island or ship with water as context – so if your favourite films include pirates in them then these types will have plenty of symbols that are related to those stories!

Captain's Treasure best free pokies
RTP: 97.06%
Goldbeard best free pokies
RTP: 97.50%
Blackbeard's Quest best free pokies
RTP: 96.31%
Pirate Best Free Pokies
RTP: 96%
Pirates Gold Best Free Pokies
RTP: 96.48%
Clash of Pirates Best Free Pokies
RTP: 95.1%
Pirates: Smugglers Paradise best free pokies
RTP: 99.30%
Plucky Pirates Online Pokies Australia
RTP: 96.34%
Pieces of Eight best free pokies
Lucky Pirates Best Online Slots Australia
RTP: 95.79%

Pirate Slots Design & Soundtrack

These online slots with pirate themes are often stunning in their graphics. Many are set up so that the entire game is immersed in a dark atmosphere. This adds to the mysterious and scary theme that will grab your attention. The pirate icons are meant to be messy and untidy, with a hint of fearlessness and danger. The Maritime bandits are supposed to be frightening, right?

Some of the most thrilling titles in this genre borrow characters from your favourite movies. This bandit theme is a hallmark of some of the most well-known movies, including Sinbad, The Pirates of The Caribbean, and The Black Corsair. This is why many pirate-themed online slot machines have taken inspiration from these movies and created their main characters, Jack Sparrow or Sinbad.

The soundtracks for most of these titles are a mixture of Hollywood action-adventure soundtracks and Caribbean tones to capture the theme of the game. This is in keeping with the reels, which are often decorated with flags, scary bandits, and bounty from raids and treasure hunts. This setup favours metal music because it induces fear, anticipation, and thrill when things get heated.

The Top Pirates Pokies

  • Treasure Island (Incredible RTP at 97.07%)
  • Wild Seas (Rule Wild Seas’ Treasures With 178 Fixed Paylines)
  • Ghost Pirates (Realistic game that shows the dark side of pirates’ lives)
  • Pirates Charm (Incredible Pirate Adventure 3D)
  • Pirates’ Paradise (A Pirate Game with Cluster Paylines)
  • Captain’s Treasure (Highest RTP 97.06% of the Top 10 Pirate Games)
  • Pirate from the East (Incredible 15 Fixed-Paylines Slot Machine)
  • Five Pirates (A 1024 Line of Paylines Leads to Winnings)

Best Pirates Pokies Providers

Many software companies have created many interesting titles due to this popular theme. There are many providers who have tried this particular them, so we will only mention the top three. These are the top three.

  • Net Entertainment. Net Entertainment is an established name in the world of software providers. You will be impressed by the immersive interface you’ll find on their most popular hit. You’ll be amazed at the Ghost Pirate and Pirates Gold slots machines.
  • Microgaming. This is an obvious sign that Microgaming tried to make it easy for you to enter the world of maritime banditry. Another amazing online slot from Microgaming is Booty Time, which features a treasure theme.
  • Amaya. Although this software provider is not as well-known as Net entertainment or Micro gaming, Amaya has a few cool pirate-themed slots with plenty of treasure and bounty up for grabs. These include Pirate Plunder and Gold Ahoy as well as Pirate Treasures, Pirate Treasures, and Buccaneer’s Bounty to name a few.


You can find a slot machine game to suit your every need! With so many options, it’s difficult for gamers like you who love treasure hunting and pirate life. We’ve spent some time finding the best of games titles with hopes that we have found something fun!