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Lucky 88 Online Slot Review

The globally renowned Aristocrat Technologies Inc. launched the Lucky 88 slot game which became an instant hit in the online slot gaming world. The physical version of Lucky 88 pokie machine was released in 2008 but the version being reviewed in this article is the online version of the Lucky 88 slot. This version was released in the year 2011 which is the year Aristocrat first began to release online slot games.

Lucky 88 has an Asian theme that is present throughout the game’s aesthetic. This theme was used to attract the Asian demographic to Aristocrats slots. Lucky 88 slot machine game borrows the Asian aesthetic and drapes its theme within symbols of fortune, luck, and wealth. The symbols typically use a mix of the colors red and gold and invariably combines an assortment of dragons and gods. The color red symbolizes good luck and good fortune. This is why the Chinese wear it on important and meaningful occasions such as the new year and weddings. The color yellow is also believed to symbolize good luck, it is also considered to be a beautiful color on a cultural level.

Keeping in tune with the Lucky 88 online pokie theme, the number 8 is also associated with luck and good fortune. It is said to bring good luck due to its perfect symmetry. The idea is that 8 can be sliced vertically or horizontally and both halves will be perfectly symmetrical. This is similar to the Taoist beliefs of balance and Ying Yang.

To keep the theme alive, throughout slot Lucky 88 the number 8 is featured at the end of most of the prizes. This is so that the theme of luck and good fortune will resonate throughout the gaming experience.


Main Features of Lucky 88 Pokie

Lucky 88 demo has 5 reels, which is less than most other online slots have. This might make it seem like it will be less volatile but that isn’t the case. This game uses bonus features, free spins, and multipliers to increase your wins on medium bets. This way you will be able to place medium to small bets frequently and consistently and make decent wins. This is a better alternative to placing larger bets a few times and significantly increasing the risk of loss at online casinos .

Lucky 88 for free also has 3 rows. It is an online video slot machine that features 25 pay lines. As with most Aristocrat games, the prizes get paid from the left to the right. This does not count when it comes to scatter symbols though. The prize amount is calculated as the number of credits times the bet per line. On the other hand, the scatter wins are multiplied by the Total Bet Amount.


The slot uses an image of the Chinese god of luck, Fu as its wild symbol. Fu’s symbol can be used to replace any symbol in the game, excluding the scatters. If Fu is activated with five-of-a-kind combinations, it will pay 888 times the bet per line. If it is four of a kind it will pay 388 times the bet per line. It pays 188 times the bet per line for three of a kind and if you get two of a kind it will pay out 8 times. The Lucky 88 online pokie machine wild symbol can win a multiplier on any spin.


The scatter symbol for Lucky 88 is the Red Lantern. Matching at least three scatters will activate the bonus round. The scatter symbol pays 188 times the total bet for five of a kind. For four of a kind it pays out 8 times the total bet and it doubles the total bet for three of a kind. However, it just gives 1 times the total bet for two of a kind.

  • Number of Reels: 5
  • Wild Symbol: Yes
  • Scatter Symbol: Yes
  • Bonus Rounds: Yes
  • Free Spins: Yes
  • Multiplayer Mode: No
  • Jackpot: Yes

The Golden Fu Dog and the Crane

The crane and the golden Fu dog symbols pay 88 times the bet per line for five-of-a-kind combinations. For four-of-a-kind combinations, they pay 68 times the bet per line. They pay 18 times the bet per line for three of a kind combinations and 2 times for a two of a kind.

The Golden Totem Pole
This symbol pays:

  • 18 times for three of a kind
  • 58 times for four of a kind
  • 88 times for five of a kind

Temple and Drum Symbols
Both of these symbols pay:

  • 78 times for five of a kind
  • 48 times for four of a kind
  • 8 times for three of a kind

The Ace symbol pays:

  • 68 times for five of a kind
  • 38 times for four of a kind
  • 8 times for three of a kind

The King symbol pays:

  • 68 times for five of a kind
  • 38 times for four of a kind
  • 5 times for three of a kind

The Queen, 10, and Jack
These symbols pay:

  • 58 times for five of a kind
  • 18 times for four of a kind
  • 5 times for three of a kind

The 9
This symbol pays:

  • 48 times for five of a kind
  • 18 times for four of a kind
  • 5 times for three of a kind
  • 2 times for two of a kind

How to Play Lucky 88 for Free?

Playing Lucky 88 is quite simple and straightforward. It features 13 buttons which are arranged by the left part of the playing reels. It also has 12 buttons on the right side of the reels. These buttons each trigger a payline and every lower-numbered payline.

Lucky 88 free pokie sound function is located on the left side of the 5 button which is a bold green, at the lower-left corner near the playing reels. You can use this function to switch on and switch off the game’s sounds. The bulk of Lucky 88 pokie controls are neatly arranged across the lower part of the screen. This way they are easily accessible and tidily organized. The info button which serves as the game’s knowledge base is also neatly tucked into a corner and easy to access. These features are put in place to help you play free Lucky 88 casino slot machine.

Lucky 88 free slot has an Autoplay button that you can use to organize and select the number of spins you want in a game and what bet limits should be applied. You can also continually use the specific autoplay settings you used previously by using the ‘Last Settings’ feature.

The line widget shows the number of paylines that are active at all times. The Max and Plus buttons are activated whenever there are fewer than 25 active paylines. All three buttons are activated whenever more paylines that are above one and below 25 are activated.

The gamble feature in Lucky 88 slot online is activated when you are awarded a prize during a paid spin. It presents you with the chance to double and quadruple your winnings. If you win, you get a bountiful prize, if you lose, however, you will lose all your winnings. A helpful strategy would be to only bet money you can afford to lose, this way you will be able to bet without any real worry whenever you play the game.


This slot is a great game with clean graphics and high volatility, everything a person needs in an free online slot games. It features alluring bonuses and an engaging theme. The layout is simple and easy to use. Lucky 88 has a well-organized and uncluttered design. The theme and music give the gaming experience a touch of excitement and adventure. This is a wonderful place to play free online Lucky 88 pokies.