Kahuna Casino – Explorers Loyalty Program – Earn Points and Unlock Massive Rewards

Kahuna is like an island full of treasures and pleasures. With new casino games added every week, there’s always something for you to discover! To help make your exploration as enjoyable (and lucrative) as ever we have created the Kahuna Loyalty Program which offers generous bonuses on top-notch rewards just waiting in the newest slots releases or video poker tables available at any time – all without leaving this sunny shoreline behind…

So what’s this all about? Kahuna Casino gives you a chance to explore your potential, without any strings attached! Every time you play at our venue and wager $10 on pokies or slots (or anything else), we’ll give one point.

The Big Kahuna VIP status is an exclusive club for high rollers who want to get all the perks that come with it. With more bonuses, increased limits on withdrawals, and express bank transfers in one-day max – not to mention personal host services! Explore our site or sign up today so you can start unlocking your rewards.