iLucki Casino Monday Cashback Bonus 5-20%

4000+ games and a fantastic rewards program aren’t enough to keep you interested in iLucki Casino. That’s why they offer the Monday cashback bonus! All players get 5-20% back when playing slots over weekends, so there’s no excuse not to play every weekend if you are looking for some extra money along with fun times at this casino.

To get the online casino cashback bonus at iLucki, you’ll need to do some things. First off – log into your account and make a deposit using an accepted payment method of choice from their list. Then play with real money so that when it comes time for claiming those awesome rewards redeemed straight back into your pocket, there will be no question as to what makes them special!

The iLucki casino cashback bonus is a great way to get your gambling fix without spending any additional money. The percentage of this incentive ranges from 5% for those who sign up as new members and go on to become VIPs, all the way up to 20%.

The wagering requirement in order to get the cashback bonus is x25. However, the requirements will vary depending on whether you are VIP. For players at the Steel Level, the wagering requirement is still x25. If you are in Bronze the wagering requirement remains x25. For players in Silver, the wagering requirement is x15. Players who are Platinum or Gold have the best wagering requirements of x10 and x5.

You are now overjoyed because you have just received your Monday cashback bonus. But the main question on your mind right now is how can I use this? Well, there’s one way and that is by playing at iLucki online casino with their free bonuses! When hitting the wagering requirements they’ll give out some of those winnings as well so keep playing slots.