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Good Girl, Bad Girl Slot Machine Review

Good girl Bad girl, is a relatively new online slot machine that has become very popular in Australia. This slot is from the software development company BetSoft. This slot has a theme of contrast and duality. There are two settings, the first being a heavenly landscape that has pearly gates and is filled with lyre-playing cherubs. This heavenly place belongs to an angelic woman who has blond hair and a glowing halo. The other setting is a hellish landscape that has a devil-like woman who has horns and red skin. The captivating theme makes this a fun place to play free online slots.

You can choose to play with either of the characters. Playing as the angelic Good Girl will make for low-risk gameplay that lowers your chances to make big wins but increases your chances of making medium wins. You can even play for free and make no deposit. But if you play for real money, you can think of this character as a financial safety net. It reduces the chances of you making risky financial decisions while offering lower but frequent payouts. If you’re feeling lucky and want to go for those big wins, you should play with the other character, the ‘Bad Girl’ who increases the risk but also significantly increases the potential payout. If you get lucky while playing with the ‘bad girl’ character, you stand the chance of making some very big wins. When you use the bad girl character the volatility increases significantly. This is a good place to win good girl bad girl pokies.

There is also a feature that allows you to play with both the good girl and the bad girl at the same time. This opens you up to an unpredictable slot that changes the games mode randomly, betting as both the good girl and bad girl on your behalf, guided by your self-imposed restrictions. If you play with this mode, the game will be more random and big wins will be much more exciting.

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How to Play Good Girl, Bad Girl for Free?

Initially, Good Girl Bad Girl’s slot might appear to be too complex. It features 15 paylines, a 5 reel set up a 3 standard rows. After playing for a while, you’ll be surprised at how user-friendly this slot turns out to be. This pokie game also has a progressive jackpot. It also has numerous bonus features.

The online pokie game has various symbols. The good and bad girl is the game’s highest value symbol and there are two rabbit symbols, one an angelic, cute-looking bunny, the other a demonic-looking rabbit. There are also the J, Q, K, A, and 10 symbols. The Pitchfork and Halo symbols both give multipliers. The Halo gives a multiplier of 1x to 2x, although it gives out a 2x multiplier more often than not. The Pitchfork wild has a multiplier of 1x to 4x, unfortunately, this one offers 2x multipliers most of the time. These are very resourceful and often help players get 3 of a kind or even just making back their bet amount.

Good girl Bad girl also features a click me bonus. The click me bonus is activated whenever the halo and pitchfork symbol land side by side. The click me bonus takes you to another screen and gives you access to gift boxes. You can click on these gift boxes within, the space of 4 rounds. The present is hiding either a small, medium, or big collect, depending on what mode they’re playing in.

Good girl, Bad girl also features lots of bonuses and aus online pokies. The game’s Wild symbols are a halo and a pitchfork. The halo denotes Bad Mode, which activates a multiplier when it gets landed on. The pitchfork denotes good mode which also reveals a hidden multiplier when it gets landed on. If you can land both the pitchfork and halo symbols you will activate a ‘Click Me’ bonus round. This round appears differently depending on which of the game’s modes you play with. This round lets you choose one out of four gift boxes. If you’re playing with the good girl mode, the gift boxes will be non-glowing, if you’re playing with the bad girl mode, because it’s a big win game, the boxes glow, signifying a bigger prize.

Good girl Bad girl features a double-up bonus, a coin toss round, and a money wheel bonus where three money wheel symbols meet on reels 1,3.5. The Good Girl, Bad Girl slot also features instant credits, a progressive jackpot, and free spins. To access the progressive jackpot, you’ll have to be playing on max.

The money wheel bonus increases your coin’s value rather than increasing the number of your coins. If you don’t select the glowing boxes during a Click Me game, you stand a higher chance of making small or medium wins. However, if you’re feeling lucky, you can go ahead and bet big.

Good girl, Bad girl doesn’t have a mobile app. However, it is compatible with all devices. You can play this slot game with Android or iOS devices.

How to Win Good Girl, Bad Girl Online?

There are no tips we can provide that will guarantee a win on this free online slot. RNGs make sure that every spin on Good Girl Bad Girl online pokie is fair and the outcome is completely determined by chance. However, there are certain things you can do to increase your chances of winning. This includes:

  • Learning as much as you can about Good Girl Bad Girl
  • Constructing a daily or weekly bet limit to lower your chances of taking significant losses
  • Betting for medium wins rather than betting big

Final Thoughts About Good Girl, Bad Girl Online Pokie

Good Girl Bad Girl is everything the best online slot machine should be. It brings the casino experience to your personal space and makes it accessible wherever you are. It has a perfect blend of realistic themes and beautiful graphics with bonus features. The volatility is good and gives you a great chance to multiply your deposit. Their bonuses, multipliers, and free spins make this a great place for lucky gamblers to play free online Good Girl Bad Girl pokies.

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