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Caveman Slot Review

The Caveman online slot is a video game that takes the player back to the time when Cavemen were still roaming about in their natural habitats. The picturesque backdrop of this roulette-style pokie has tropical flora decorating its background. Also, there are Cavemen depicted on many of the symbols that can bring riches to your hands should you be lucky enough to match them up in winning combinations. Read our expert pokie for real money review.

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Espresso Games is one of the world’s most prominent slot machine developers. This company was founded more than a decade ago, and within just a few years it had been acquired by an international investor- that brought its success even higher! It designs high-quality slots with rich graphics for players who want to have fun while they’re playing their favourite game or following some advice from friends – because what are gambling opportunities without people?! Their selection includes both classic style machines as well as ones based on popular characters such games like Super Luck Fighter II Turbo Dragons Pearl, etc. You’ll love all these features if you enjoy winning cash prizes but still wish not to waste too much time standing around waiting.

The Caveman Online Casino Slot Theme

Cavemen have been living on the earth for over 40 000 years. Their lifestyle is still fascinating people from all around the world who want to live like them or just take a look at their primitive way of life. The Caveman slot machine is one of such offers that can amuse not only fans of this topic but also people who would rather spend time playing casino games online than going to an actual club. The Caveman pokie machine may seem too simple due to its classic design.

The Caveman slot machine is a great way to get your adrenaline pumping. You can play as either one of these burly cavemen, but it’s even better if you decide to take on the role of his wife! The background features them setting amidst mountains and under clear blue skies with their home just visible in between two tall trees near an outcrop overlooking some waterfalls below.

The Caveman Online Slots Bonus Features

The Caveman logo is the highest paying symbol, followed by his wife in second place. His baby and then a club brings up fourth before we get to our fifth card which features only with substitutions for this famous guy!

The Caveman symbol acts as the scatter and wild card in this game, giving players more chances at scoring wins even if they do not have matching symbols across all reels. Three or more scattered Caveman logos will trigger free spins with extra multipliers for added excitement, so keep an eye out for them while playing o draw in some

The other symbols are completed with 10s through Queens while Kings can substitute all across them too – so there’s no need to worry if you’re not an expert on how these things work just yet because soon enough that will change fast when playing online or even offline!

There is no progressive jackpot in this game.

The Free Spins Feature

The game offers The Free Spins feature is triggered by landing 3 or more Free Spin icons in any position on the reels. You can spin for 5 free spins when you get three symbols, 4 will award 25 and so five times your bet leads to 100!

Dinosaur Bonus

Ready to get adventure in your blood? The thrilling Dinosaur Bonus is activated by getting 3 or more Bonus symbols on adjacent reels at one time!

Play Caveman Mobile Online Casinos Games

Espresso Game’s Caveman slot is a mobile-friendly casino game that can be played on your tablet, desktop computer and smartphone.

There is no download required, so players can start playing the Caveman pokie game immediately on any platform. This Caveman slot game is compatible with all types of mobile devices including iPhones and iPads as well as Android phones and tablets.


Can you find the mammoths? It’s not easy when they’re hidden in plain sight. This slot game has plenty of bonuses and free games to win, with original graphics that are sure to keep your interest through every spin!

Feel the atmosphere of land-based casino! Play Caveman slot machines at the best online casinos! Try to play for real money or in demo mode just for fun! Use your deposit bonus, bonus rounds, bonus spins and get big wins!

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