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Big Red is an online slot from the software development giants, Aristocrat Technologies. Big Red pokie is extremely in popular Australia because of its theme which borrows heavily from the Australian wildlife aesthetic. The setting features an appearance of scorching heat, searing sunlight, and a beautiful desert landscape.

Big Red pokie machine was manufactured by the critically acclaimed Aristocrat Technologies. Aristocrat Technologies Inc. are known for being giants in the world of gaming machine software design and manufacture. Aristocrat makes it possible for people to play multi-media content on slots by creating a media window platform that connects EGM to casino systems. The are known for their engaging themes, crystal-clean graphics and alluring volatility.

Aristocrat pokie uses a series of symbols that are centered around an Australian wildlife theme. The game’s main symbol is the Kangaroo which leads you on this mesmerizing journey. Slot Big Red has an interesting theme that hooks you instantly and enhances the gaming experience.

Big Red free pokie features 5 pay lines and 3 reels. It is a bit minimalist in this regard since most free pokies these days have ten pay lines. The fact that it uses just 5 pay lines might make it seem like your chances of winning have decreased, this is not the case at all. Having ten players doesn’t necessarily increase your chances of winning. The lower payline number enables you to hit more bountiful wins. The minimalism is smart because it makes the game more thrilling and challenging in a delightful and not too technical way. Big Red also has lovely features like free spins, bonuses, and a gamble feature. This is a great place to play for real money.

Big Red slot is globally acclaimed for their slot machines. One great advantage of Big Red slot machine is that it brings the casino experience to the comfort and privacy of your every location.


Main Features of Big Red

Big Red slot machine online’s main features were carefully and intentionally developed by Aristocrat with the aim of providing a stellar gaming experience. Big Red slot online has numerous bonuses and free spins that help you benefit from the game’s substantial RTP (Return to Players). This is significantly higher than the average online slot machine RTP. You can expect to get 97.04% of wins. With generous bonuses, a high RTP and substantial maximum winnings, Big Red slot is clearly intended to provide customer satisfaction. Both old and new slot machine fans can play free Big Red casino slot machine to be a thrilling and potentially profitable experience.Big Red demo features 5 reels and has just 3 symbols on each reel.

There are 5 reels and only 3 symbols per reel. Big Red free pokie online allows you to place a minimum bet of 20 credits x the number of lines you eventually play on. The credit, when multiplied by the lines you bet on the reels will determine your winnings. The only time this isn’t the case is with scatters, this is because scatters are paid as number of lines played multiplied by the line wager.

This online slot machine uses specific Australian wildlife-themed symbols. These symbols include the dingo, eagle, warthog, these are the higher value symbols. This game also has lower value symbols which include the Q, 10, 9, J and K symbols. Big Red pokie game uses the Kangaroo symbol as its wild.

Big Red’s graphics are top quality and state of the art. This is no surprise as it is an Aristocrat Technology Inc. product. The design is impeccable and well organized, incorporating a minimalist setup and proper organization to make this a distraction-free game.


Big Red has numerous bonus features that enable you to win real money that will bring substantial profit. This game has bonus features that include:

  • Free Spins
  • Multipliers
  • Retriggers etc.

It’s wild symbol is the wild kangaroo. It has the ability to replace other symbols and create winning pay lines. Anytime this occurs, 5 free spins are given to the player to play Big Red for free. The kangaroo wild symbol can only appear on the 3rd, 4th and 5th reels. It also has the ability to activate multipliers for the player.

Big Red online pokie machine has a tree symbol, the retrigger feature will be activated and the player will get free spins. It is during the course of these free spins that the game’s scatter symbol appears, this leads to a win on the payline where the free spins were triggered. These features make the game’s free spins bountiful. In a game, you can get up to 225 free spins.

Free Spins

The free spins feature on Big Red slot machine game isn’t like those of other slot machines from Aristocrat. Scatter symbols on other casino games have to match in a row of three on either the 3rd, 4th or 5th reels to activate free spins; on Big Red the free spins are activated by the game’s Kangaroo wild symbol which replaces the whole payline.

Whenever you activate a free spin, if you are lucky and get wilds in the winning combos, you will receive an extra 5 free spins as well as scatter symbols that will give an equal payout to the payline that activated it.

Gamble Feature

The Big Red gamble feature enables you to double, triple or quadruple your winnings. You stand the chance of losing all your winnings so you should only use the gamble feature when you’re feeling especially lucky. If you are lucky, you stand the chance of winning 10000 coins.


This game has a high RTP of 97.04%. This is significantly higher than that of most other online slots. If you are lucky, you can win a 10000 coin jackpot on the game’s minimum bet of 20 credits. You can win hefty payouts if you play free online Big Red slots.


Making a winning combination on Big Red is not difficult. Landing 3 matching symbols on a single payline gives you a winning combination.
When you hit a 5 of a kind combination, these payouts are triggered:

  • Crocodile: 1250 coins
  • Warthog: 1000 coins
  • Eagle: 600 coins
  • Dingo: 400 coins

In addition to this, note that every symbol will give you a payout as long as you land 1 and 2 of a kind combinations. Most online pokies specifically demand that you win a 3 of a kind combo to get payouts, in this aspect Big Red is more generous.

This game’s warthog and crocodile symbols offer smaller payouts whenever they appear on the reels. However, you need at least 2 of a kind combination to get a payout from the eagle and dingo symbols. With consistent wins, you’ll grow to love these symbols.

  • Number of Reels: 3
  • Wild Symbol: Yes
  • Scatter Symbol: Yes
  • Bonus Rounds: Yes
  • Free Spins: Yes
  • Multiplayer Mode: No
  • Jackpot: 10000 coins

How To Play Big Red For Free?

Aristocrat’s use of the Australian wildlife in this is remarkable. The background which features the brilliant red sand dunes of the Simpson Desert, the music, and even the symbols are heavily inspired by Australian wildlife. Although it is worth noting that what counts for music in this game are the sounds of wildlife such as the sound of the kangaroo’s footsteps. The graphics also show up when the player makes a win, although the animated graphics in this game, maintains the game’s minimalist aesthetic. They are very functional and pleasant without being distracting or cluttered. A fan favorite is the kangaroo symbol shaking its head crossly whenever there is a line substitution.

When you play Big Red slot game, you are free to set your bet however you wish within the bet limit of course. The minimum bet is 20 credits and the game’s maximum bet is 500 credits. The game’s minimum coin denomination is one pound. This is a great place to play Australian pokies.


Aristocrat Technologies did a brilliant job when they developed Big Red for Best Online Casinos. Fans, particularly in Australia and, are fond of its Australian wildlife aesthetic and the beautiful desert landscape. The graphics are engaging themes, crystal-clear and pleasant.

The minimalism in Big Red is one of its best qualities. It makes the experience more exciting for experienced players and easy enough for new players. The numerous bonus features, volatility, and user-friendly controls make this a great place to play for real money.

Big Red slot is recognized on a global scale and their slot machines are a huge hit in casinos in Australia and Las Vegas. One amazing benefit of Big Red slot machine is that it brings the casino experience to the comfort and privacy of your every location. Enabling you to experience the thrill and profit potential of slot machine gambling whenever you want.