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Ali Baba Wishes Free Games Review

You can activate as many as 5 reels or as few as 9 win lines, but you can reduce the number to play with less. The 3×5 matrix may be compact, but the features are still quite impressive. Ali Baba wishes has six special tiles that will give you different prizes. Then there is the chance to win up to 27,000$.



Ali Baba, a mysterious character in Aladdin’s adventures, is one of the less well-known. With the hope of discovering adventure, exploration, treasure, and other surprises, he travels through the Arabian and Persian Worlds. Aladdin and Aladdin travel together through the pages of folklore, legends, and popular modern mythologies. iSoftBet has released their latest free slots Ali Baba Wishes, which combines the themes of adventure, wealth, and intrigue. Many people requested additional slots with this theme and iSoftBet gladly obliged. This new game is sure to please fans of slots.

Betting Options

Ali Baba Wishes free game is a five-spinner video reel layout with nine pay lines. Users must match their matches from these 9 pay lines. The player can value coins in any range between $0.01 and $1. This is according to their budget. The maximum bet per line is 5 coins. This makes the total maximum spin bet $45. This is a low price for such a huge winning, with a maximum jackpot of 9000 coins.

Bonus Features & Free Spins


This icon, which stands as wild, is the symbol that represents the wild symbol icon. It can replace any symbol on reels except the scatter symbol, bonus, or multipliers. This game’s scatter symbol is the basket of fruit. While it increases your chances of winning, it will also multiply your winnings by the initial wager. To give players an incentive to keep playing, multipliers may appear randomly on the reels.

The Treasure Bonus

The Treasure Bonus requires you to help Alibaba select the pots of gold or sacks with coins that are most beneficial to him. There’s a small problem though: thieves lurk inside these containers. You’ll lose your reward if you discover one.

The Jewel Bonus

For the Jewel Bonus, Ali needs your assistance again. This time, he will have to create a combination of three jewels. All in the hopes of winning the highest prize. Sometimes it works out and it gets $5,000. Other times, it only gets $500.

Play Free Games Ali Baba Wishes

Ali Baba Wishes casino games were created by iSoftBet, a world-famous developer with a solid reputation. This slot features the classic 5 reels and 9 paylines. This game offers many exciting features such as bonus rounds, multiplier symbols scatter symbols wild symbols and multiplier symbols.

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