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Steam Tower Slot Game Review

Steam Tower is one of the most interesting new slot games available on the internet. It is known and loved for its unique theme which is both interesting and engaging without being so distracting that it affects the gameplay. The game is set in the Victorian era and features an industrial aesthetic that mimics the wildly popular steampunk subgenre. The game’s graphics are state of the art and crisp, they give off a hyper-realistic feel that has yet to be beaten by any other online slot game.

The realistic features don’t stop with the crystal clear graphics though, Steam Tower pokie machine also has a series of amazing sound effects that punctuate each significant moment of your gameplay, as well as its wonderful theme music which makes the player feel like they are in a real-life steampunk setting. This is not just beautiful, it also has an anxiety-reducing effect on players which helps them have a more enjoyable and profitable time playing Steam Tower. It, therefore, does not come as a surprise that the game is a product of the legendary NetEnt. NetEnt did a splendid job of adopting the steampunk aesthetic. The greasy engines and the goggles, top hat and cape of the game’s avatar do a great job of pulling players into the game’s setting.


Main Features of Steam Tower Pokie

Steam Tower has user-friendly features that enhance the typical Steam Tower slot machine online gaming experience. Some of the game’s features include:

The Tower of Steel

As one would expect, the game Steam Tower features an actual tower, a steam tower to be precise. The reels for the Steam Tower slot machine sit atop the steam tower. The tower itself is dark and colossal and made of tough, greasy metal. It features three rows and five reels. The game’s theme also features an element of dark fantasy. It features giant lizards that use steampunk type weapons. The protagonist or avatar is a prim and proper looking man that has a hook and a funny-looking moustache, the stereotypical steampunk protagonist. It therefore does not come as a surprise that the game’s scatter symbol is a grappling hook.

Steam Tower’s reel features four classic icons, the A, J, K and Q icons. It also features 4 other less conventional icons, such as the male and female steampunk protagonist icons and the dragon’s eye icon.


Steam tower features several symbols that follow the game’s theme. The symbols are unique and all differ in style and value. The symbols in this game are valued based on their relevance to the theme, the more relevant a symbol is to the theme, the more valuable it will be to the player. This is why the paytable symbols and artworks are the more valuable symbols in Steam Tower while the high cards such as the king and jack are lower-paying symbols with little value. One of the game’s most valuable symbols, the Wild, can be used to substitute other symbols and complete winning combinations. It is the most valuable symbol in the steam tower slot machine game.

Wild Symbol

The game’s Wild symbol is the protagonist’s weapon of choice, a hexagonal symbol of an arrow gun. The game’s avatar holds the Wild symbol while standing next to the reel, this not only adds to the game’s realistic setting, it also communicates the importance and value of the Wild symbol. To make things even more interesting, the game’s stacked Wild symbol is the game’s avatar himself, like we mentioned earlier, the more important a symbol is to the game’s theme, the more valuable it will be. In the situation where more than one stacked icon covers the entire reel, the Steam Tower slot game will trigger a free spin round.

The Wild symbol is important if you hope to make significant wins while playing Steam Tower. The bonuses it offers make the game more engaging and profitable for fans of free pokies. It is important to note that the Wilds do not have a paytable and as such do not pay anything. As mentioned earlier, the game features a Wild symbol and a stacked Wild icon. It also has 15 pay lines, although you cannot alter the paylines, the solution to this little problem would be to wager your money on the entire pay lines. That being said, you can place different wagers per spin. For example, you can adjust the value of a coin by starting from the minimum until you reach the maximum. You can also increase or decrease your bet level from one to 10 to allow a huge overall wager.

Steam Tower Bonuses

Free spins

Steam Tower slot online features a free spin bonus that is triggered by the Wild and stacked Wild icons. The stacked Wild activates 10 spins which are wonderful for your wallet. The Steam Tower free slot spin activates the climbing of the tower, during which you can gain multipliers and significantly increase your winnings. The higher you climb, the higher your multipliers will be.


Wilds and stacked Wilds are the game’s most valuable bonus symbols. The stacked Wild symbol gives 10 free spins when it covers more than one reel. The free spins also enable players to climb the steam tower, where the juiciest bonus prizes are located.

  • Developer: NetEnt
  • Type: 3D Slot
  • Release Date: February 2015
  • Paylines: 15
  • Wild Symbol: Yes
  • Scatter Symbol: Yes
  • Min Bet: 0.15
  • Max Bet: 150
  • Free Spins: Up to 7X Multipliers and 42 Free Spins
  • RTP: 97.04%
  • Bonuses: Yes
  • AutoPlay: Yes
  • Multiplier Mode: Yes
  • Reels: 5
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Jackpot: Yes (2000)
  • Mobile Version: Yes

How to Play Steam Tower?

The higher the protagonist goes on the tower, the more the winning multiplier increases. To get significant wins, you have to guide your avatar up the steam tower. For the first three floors, you will receive a 2x multiplier. By the time you’re on the 4th floor, the multiplier increases to 3x. By the 7th floor, the multiplier will increase to 4x and by the 10th and 13th, it increases to 5x and 6x respectively. The maximum for the multiplier is attained when you reach the 16th floor, which is the game’s top and final floor. If you manage to get here, you will receive a bonus prize of a thousand coins which will be multiplied by your bet amount.

To know the floor you are on, you can observe the floor meter which is located directly below the reel, its function is to let you know the floor you are currently on at any time during the gameplay. The game also features a multiplier meter which tells you the multiplier level you have attained. To move up the tower faster than usual, you should hope to get wild symbols on the reel, because this will catapult you to the next level and also give you 2 free spins.


The Slot Steam Tower theme makes the most out of the popular steampunk aesthetic and the Victorian era industrial style. Even the storyline borrows from Steampunk tropes. The game’s storyline requires you to climb the Steam Tower and save the princess. Overall, this is a brilliant effort from NetEnt. The game’s brilliant visuals and user-friendly features are enough to sit it atop the industry, when you factor in the bonuses and free spin features it only makes the game even more amazing. There is a Steam Tower demo version that allows you to play Steam Tower for free. This is useful if you don’t want to play with real money at best casinos. Overall, this is a brilliant game and is highly recommended.