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Starburst Online Slot Review

NetEnt is known for their popular slot machines. Starburst which is one of their best and popular products was released into the market in 2012. In Australia, players are very fond of playing this slot. It became an instant hit due to it’s an unconventional but engaging theme and it’s a hamper of bonus features that contribute to its RTP. Starburst slot machine has a decent RTP of 96.09%. While this isn’t incredibly spectacular, it is above average for an online slot machine. This slot is exactly what gambling fans need in a slot machine. It gives players a fair and fun opportunity to make lucrative wins. Starburst slot neither has a progressive jackpot nor free spins.

Starburst’s theme is the mysterious vastness of Outer Space. The aesthetic is colorful and ethereal, giving the player the feeling of being in the heart of a star. It also has an exciting score that keeps the player engaged.

Initially, the slot Starburst could only be played on desktop computers but now it has been optimized to be played on all mobile devices that can access the internet. This means you can enjoy playing slot machine online wherever you are. Since it’s online launch, Starburst slot online has been at the top of the industry and has gathered a dedicated fanbase.


Main Features of Starburst Pokie

Starburst also has a series of symbols that are central to the playing of this game. What Starburst does differently with symbols is to use 7 regular symbols that are easy to keep up with, as well as a wild.

The regular symbols are beautiful gemstones that generate the bulk of Starburst’s winning combinations.

The gemstones come in numerous colors:

  • The purple gemstone is Starburst’s lowest paying symbol. If you get 5 of these in a payline you will receive 25 coins
  • The blue gemstone pays 25 coins for a 5 of a kind combination, just like the purple gemstone
  • The orange gemstone gives out 40 coins for 5 of a kind winning combinations
  • The green gemstone pays out 50 coins for five of a kind winning combinations
  • The yellow gemstone pays out 60 coins for 5 of a kind combinations

The 7 and 5 symbols both pay out 120 coins.

The Bar symbol pays out 250 coins for 5 of a kind combinations.

Free pokies online can be said to be a medium variance slot machines. This is very intentional from NetEnt as it enables players to make more frequent and consistent wins rather than making the risk of placing huge bets that might not lead to a payout. The odds are designed to assist players to win frequently, this is why the spins give players a 22.65% chance of making a win. If you get lucky, you stand the chance of winning 500x your bet during a re-spin.

It is important to keep it in mind that Starburst online pokie machine is a win both ways slot. Filling the reels with bar symbols won’t win you 250x your stake, it would give you 500x your stake.

The Wild symbol for Starburst only appears on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels and it can replace all the other symbols. Getting 3 bar symbols on a payline will win you 20x your stake.

  • Number of Reels: 5
  • Wild Symbol: Yes
  • Scatter Symbol: No
  • Bonus Rounds: Yes
  • Free Spins: Yes
  • Multiplayer Mode: No
  • Jackpot: None

How to Play Starburst for Free?

Starburst pokie machine game has a brilliant array of bonus features that are put in place to help lucky winners get big wins. One such feature is the game’s expanding wild. Starburst online pokie’s wild symbol is the Starburst icon. Landing the Starburst wild on the game reels will enable the Starburst Wild feature.

Starburst free pokie uses gemstones as the bulk of its symbols. Symbols like emeralds, diamonds, rubies, amethysts, and sapphires are used in Starburst. The game’s highest paying symbol is the gold bar which is on a flaming sun symbol. There is also a lucky seven symbol. Starburst pokie game does not have a Scatter symbol, as a result, there are no free spins.

Starburst free slot has a neat and functional layout. It features 10 fixed paylines, 5 reels, and 3 rows. You can easily access any control you want to and you can adjust the coin values and bet levels to set your wager. The coin value is between $0.01 and $1 and the bet level ranges from 1 to 10. What this means is that your minimum bet will be $0.01 and the maximum bet will be $100. You can easily place the maximum bet by using the Max Be feature and you can use the Autoplay setting to select the number of rounds you want to play and to set the bet levels. Starburst pokie’s Autoplay feature enables you to set the number of spins you want, helping you to manage your betting and cut any unhealthy excesses.

While the Wild symbol is active, it will cover the reel it appeared on and give you a free spin bonus. You can get 3 extra re-spins by landing an additional wild symbol while the re-spin is still active. Lucky players can really use this feature to their advantage.

Starburst having a relatively high RTP is no guarantee that you will make huge wins, it just gives you a better chance since the outcomes on online slots are determined entirely by luck. With the right amount of luck though, you can make some really big wins on Starburst and the RTP is proof of that you this is a great place to play free online starburst pokies at casinos.

Starburst also has low volatility which combined with its high RTP is perfect for medium to low variance online slot games. Games with high volatility are loved because when you win, you win big. But a large amount of gambling fans prefer low volatility games that allow them to bet more frequently and make more consistent wins. This way their losses are reduced significantly and they are able to make meaningful wins. Higher frequency of spins means a higher possibility of getting lucky. Plus lower volatility games are better for self-control and financial discipline when it comes to betting. You reduce the chances of betting huge amounts in the spur of the moment and losing money that you might need.

High volatility slot games are exciting but sometimes, low volatility slot games are a better option. This doesn’t mean that low volatility games completely eradicate your chances of big wins, what it means is it reduces the chances of making risky bets. With enough determination, you can still place risky bets on low volatility slots like Starburst. With pragmatic decision-making, Starburst can be very profitable for you. You can expect at least one win in every 5 spins, this is because statistically, Starburst has a paying combination of about 22.65%.

The minimum and maximum bets on Starburst are 10 cents and $200 respectively. This makes Starburst attractive to those who love making big wins as well. Though you can’t lower the active paylines to reduce your bet, the number of fixed paylines is 10. Although you can adjust your coin size and bet level according to your preference. To do this, you need to select a bet level from 1 to 10 and a coin size which could be anything from a single penny to $2. The bet per spin multiplied by your coin size and multiplied by 10 gives you your bet level. This means if you choose to play with 10 cent coins at level 1 will may your cost per spin $1. Similarly, playing with 25 cent coins at level 4 will cost you $10 per spin. You will therefore have to play with $2 coins at level 10 to use the max bet of $200 per spin. This is the perfect place to play free online starburst slots.

A Starburst slot game feature that doesn’t get spoken about enough is the both-way-win feature. Most slots only pay out when you get winning combinations from left to right, this isn’t the case with Starburst slot machine game. Starburst for free pays out from both left to right and right to left, this increases the chance of you getting winning combinations. This is a very useful feature and when you consider the RTP, you know that Starburst demo is a great place to play free starburst online casino slot machine.


Starburst is worth the time and money. It is a fun and engaging game with features that make betting and gameplay easy. They deliver the full casino experience for you to access anywhere you are. This is a brilliant slot machine that is incredibly popular and for good reason.