Video Slots

Tips to Betting on a Free or Paid Video Pokie

The introduction of the video pokie changed the way we thought about playing the pokies mainly because video pokies were the first pokies to have optional paylines each player can choose each time they play. If you are new to this type of game, you can get loads of free video pokie practice at In the meantime, here are some tips for getting the most out video pokie play online or off.

1. Know Your Playlines on Progressive Video Pokie Play

Paylines are the lines marked across the spinning reels. The first pokie machines only had one payline. That was one line straight across the spinning reels. Nowadays, you will see multiple lines, each with a different colour, crisscrossing the reels or display. Each of these lines is a separate way to bet and win each time you play. You can choose how many lines you want to play by adding more coins and selecting the lines you wish play.

2. Always Play Maximum Coins on Progressive Video Pokie Play

It is always difficult to decide on how many coins to play on any particular machine. This is really a personal decision. The only real rule that exists with all video pokies is when they are progressive video pokies. The rule is: Always play the full amount of coins possible when playing a progressive video pokie, even when it is a free video pokie you are playing.

If you don’t have the maximum coins in play and you hit the winning symbols to win a jackpot, then you won’t be eligible for that massive jackpot -- and that would be a crying shame!

3. Consider the Total Coins Required Per Spin During Video Pokie Play

Over the last few years, the developers of both online and offline video pokie machines have been adding more paylines to their video pokie games. This is because video pokie machines take more time to spin, especially if they have bonus screens, than the traditional (and physical) reel pokie machine. To compensate for the reduced actual play over any given time frame, extra paylines allow players to play more per spin.

This being the case, whether you are playing a free video pokie, or playing the pokie slots in your local community centre or sports club, it is extremely important to consider the total amount of coins required to play all paylines each time you play. This is even more important if you are playing a progressive game, as we mentioned above.

4. Consider the Return Per Spin During Video Pokie Play

When you are playing on a reel machine, you know you will get at least your money back if you get a hit. This is not always the case with video pokie play. For example, you might win on one line, but lose on the other eight. You also might lose on eight lines, but win more on the one you won.

Video pokie play can get extremely sophisticated. Some video pokies allow players to make different amounts of bets on different paylines. Some paylines automatically pay more than others. Then there is the case where you win on more than one payline. For example, you can get extra bonuses because you won on three paylines at the same time.

As you can probably see by now, it is very easy to get caught up during the fun and excitement of video pokie play because of the dizzying array of player options available. Video pokies are a game of change. But they are also a game of skill. There are those who win more than others, and those people generally have more experience at playing the games than others.

You don’t have to pay money to get experience and build up your skills for video pokie play. Free video pokie play is available for everyone in Australia at It is a great way to practise your video pokie play without risking your wallet.