Fruit Machines

The Definition of Fruit Pokie Explained

Most Aussies wouldn’t be aware that a fruit pokie means more than just a type of pokie machine in other parts of the world. The term “fruit machine” is the equivalent of “pokie machine” in the UK. This is why you’ll hear some people say, they played a “fruit machine pokie.”

A “fruit pokie” or a “fruit machine pokie” in Australia has a very different meaning to what “fruit machine” means in the UK. For example, in the USA, the term for “fruit machines” is often replaced with “slot machines.”

The original Fruit Machine was actually a marketing gimmick created by the Bell-Gum company to sell its fruit-flavoured chewing gum. Images of pieces of fruit were placed in a slot machine and the term “fruit machine” was born.

However, those who regularly play a fruit pokie will tell you another whole story. Whatever the case, fruit pokies are a popularly played and a particular type of pokie machine in Australia. So the question arises; what is the difference between a fruit pokie and other types of pokies?

Play on a Fruit Machine Pokie is Considered a Game of Skill

Fruit pokies are actually considered to be more of a game of skill than other types of slot/pokie machines. Online fruit pokies have the same distinct features as fruit pokies in your local pokie room. There are a number of reasons for this claim. Here is a look at those distinct features:

A Fruit Pokie Must Have Spinning Wheels

A reel pokie, whether online or standing in front of you, has spinning wheels. These are actually called reels. Even modern day video pokies use this same format. The spinning reels were the original technology used to make pokie machines possible. For a pokie machine to be considered a fruit pokie, it must have spinning reels (or wheels) whether they are virtual or not. Today, it is pretty hard to find a pokie machine with actual spinning reels unless you visit a museum.

A Fruit Machine Pokie Must Have a Skill Element or Feature

The most common form of skill elements or features found on a fruit pokie are the hold and the nudge features. Other options on more advanced fruit pokies include a cash ladder and a bonus board (also known as a bonus trail.) Fruit pokies have a minimum of 3 spinning reels but it is common to find fruit pokies with 5 reels and multiple playlines.

Considering the amount of skill that is generally required to play fruit pokies, it makes sense to get used to fruit pokie play with no-deposit free pokies online. Australians can find fruit pokies to play for fun at There is nothing to download, install or any complications. All you need to do is get online and play. Before you go, here is a look at some of those common skill-associated features to help you enjoy your play:

The Fruit Pokie Nudge

The fruit pokie nudge is an option, which comes up on the playline where the player can “nudge” the existing result in order for a better or winning combination.

The Fruit Pokie Hold

The fruit pokie hold is the option to hold one or more of the reels with the expectation it will make a winning combination with the result of the other spinning reels.

The Fruit Pokie Repeat

When activated, the fruit pokie repeat allows you to repeat a previous nudge or hold action. This feature will come and go during game play.

The Fruit Pokie Gamble

The fruit pokie gamble is the opportunity to double up just made winnings. The result being either, the player loses the previous winnings, or walks away with double the amount.

These are only some of the features of what it takes to make a fruit machine pokie a real game of skill. Don’t be fooled by the pictures on the screen. Fruit pokies don’t need fruit pictures to be fruit machine pokies in the first place!