Free Pokie Online Fun Left Out of Australian Public Debate

Aussie pokie play has stolen the spotlight of an ongoing national debate about Aussies and their love affair with gambling, which was recently sparked off (again) by a report released by "The Economist". The report released data showing Australians wager more, and lose more, whether that be on a pokie machine or a bet on the Melbourne Cup, than any country in the world.

According to the report, each Australian loses about $1145 per year. The report published recently by the Economist isn’t raising any eyebrows among the majority of Australians. It seems most Australians are quite proud of the result. Even prominent members of Australia’s society are making mockery of the report’s claims and the Economist.

Australian’s always come first, or we don’t play.

Australians always come number first at whatever we do, or we don’t do it, commented one Australian playing his favourite pokie online game. If you know Australians, then you will understand why nobody wants to come back from the Olympics without a gold medal or nothing. A silver or bronze medal means you lost. It is better to come back empty handed because at least you tried your best.

You can see this every time you watch the swimming at the Olympics. If an Australian is coming second near the end of the race and feels he or she can’t win, he or she will always pull back at the last second to make sure they come fourth. No one wants to be considered a loser in Australia. We all feel a silver or a bronze medal is like carrying around a badge saying, “I lost.” We always come first or fourth at Olympic events.

We are happy to come first as the number-one winners in this case, cheered the man as he racked up points on his online pokie game. The man really seemed be be having fun!

Whether it is a free pokie machine, or a no-expense spared day at the races, prominent Aussies say gambling is natural and fun.

Anti-gambling campaigners have said Australians love to gamble, and they only gamble the most because they have that money to “play for fun.”

Tim Costello, chairman of The Australian Churches Gambling Taskforce said through nationally printed media, “Gambling is like eucalyptus oil in Australia - it’s completely natural and its everywhere.”

Just in case you are unaware, Tim Costello was the Treasurer of Australia a few years ago, and is currently the CFO of World Vision Australia.

Australia has allowed gambling to proliferate from pokie rooms, to some of the biggest casinos in the world.

From total number of pokie machine rooms to the massive casinos across the country, Australia on a whole, has allowed gambling to proliferate much more than any other country, according to Tim Costello.

You only have to talk to any average Australian at any local shopping centre and you will find it very easy to start a conversation about “how much fun it is playing the pokies.” Everyone over the age of 18 has entered their local RSL or community club’s pokie room at least once, if not on a regular basis.

Australian research shows Australia has the highest number of pokie machine rooms in the world.

Monash University research has highlighted Australia has the highest number of poker machine rooms in the world. When counting per-poker machine, the numbers are even more staggering.

There are two simple reasons for this. Australian’s love to gamble and they have the money to play for fun. The university’s research is biased because it only considers pokie play and the research didn’t cover any other alternative games or ways to gamble.

Australian State Governments currently generate more than 10% of their revenues from legalised gambling, which is mostly made up from pokie play.

According to recent statement released by the chief executive officer of Australia’s Public Health Association, responsible gambling education needs to be incorporated into Australia’s well-established political, economic and cultural gambling traditions. 

One would expect the high number of websites that allow anyone to play a free pokie online is already having a big impact on this because people can play a pokie online for pure fun and enjoyment.

Australia’s Senator X is obsessed with pokie play.

Senator Xenophon, who has long-been nick-named “Senator Xenophobia” by Australians and their media, responded to the report with a public statement through a number of national newspapers. “Xenophobia,” as he is known, has renewed calls for the introduction of maximum $1-bets to be placed on all pokie machines with hourly-losses being limited to no more than $120.

One croupier who worked at the Adelaide Casino said Xenophobia’s father was a daily punter at the Adelaide casino every single day for more than the decade of the nineties. That particular employee worked at the casino from 1988 to 2003. She said, “His father would be standing outside the front door waiting for the casino to open and would sit on the “Big Wheel” gambling all day until the casino closed. Maybe that is why Sen X has such a big problem?

Obsession with pokie play has Senator X out of focus.

Opponents of “Xenophobia” claim his obsession with pokie play has him out of focus, especially considering the high number of websites allowing Australians to play a free pokie online. Not to mention the plethora of other ways Australians are betting for fun.

Free pokie online for fun is available anywhere at any time.

Free pokie online play is already providing a free pokie play option. Free pokie play allows anyone to have as much fun play as they want without risking a cent. is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to play a free pokie for pure fun.

No registration or deposit is required with online pokie play on such sites. They are for pure fun pokie play online.

There is nothing like that for those who gamble on sports, which is only one of many ways someone can gamble legally in Australia. Furthermore, Xenophobia’s proposals lack consideration of illegal gambling and the problems associated.

Despite all the claims, Australians are not really the biggest losers (or biggest winners as they describe it.) They are only the biggest gamblers when calculated on a per-capita basis. That’s not surprising considering how few of them exist (20 million).

Australians only lost a little more than $21 billion compared with America, which had the biggest losers of any nation. The Americans lost more than $136 billion, according to the report.

It is important to remember that Australia is one of the world’s most favourite countries to live in, and by far the number-one tourist destination in the world. The majority of gambling losses in Australia, are more likely to come from regular tourists, including the excessively wealthy, which make up the majority of the population inside any Australian casino or pokie machine room on any given day.